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To inspire and impact 1 million women to take action concerning their self-care, spirit, soul, and body.


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A global, multicultural, inspirational, educational, philanthropic service, and training entertainment organization.



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"IBH Sister Sounds" is beyond a listening broadcast. It's more than listening. It's for building, breaking, bonding and REVIVAL.

Julie, Malaysia

"IBH Sister Sounds" is inspirational and insightful. It will create an imprint that will compel you to take action and respond to the sound of an International Sisterhood.

Wanda, North Carolina

"IBH Sister Sounds" are voices that reset, recharge, re-calibrate even resurrect goals and dreams put on the back burner. Sisters speaking on a different frequency that will propel you to the next level.

Sharon "Magic" Jordan-Roach, 

New York

It is a platform where women of different backgrounds get together and support one another. From self-care, supporting your journey of "changing you", giving and getting advice... and of course, laughter soothes the soul.

Donna Wright, Charlotte, NC

"IBH Sister Sounds" are timely, impassioned, compassionate voices..., intentional, frank, truthful sounds of women who know how to take action. Intentionally. Strategically.

Ayanna Lotto-Pollard,


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Happy Friends Laughing

Join Anita Willis and co-host Sharon "Magic" Jordan-Roach on the Fourth Sunday of every month at 2 pm.

Sister Sounds live streams monthly as a connection between women of like mind,

 In the Beauty of wHoleness


It is the place where we are refreshed and supported. It is a Sisterhood where givers gain empowers, motivates, and ignites the synergy of our expertise and aligns our hearts and values. 


We are women who are committed to inspire and impact 1 million women to take action concerning self-care spirit soul and body.

Click to hear the Sound of the Sisters

every 4th. Sunday at 2pm 

IBH Sister Sounds
Coffee with Friends

Join Co-Host

Nancy “the healthycellschick” White

 in 45 minutes of laser focused information from key experts addressing health wellness and lifestyle, providing you the tools to take-action right now. Currently airs semi-monthly on Wednesday 12:00-12:45 EST

IBH Lunch-n-Learn
Professional Woman in an Office

Join us and Co-Host, Mary Jane Edmondson-Henderson for IBH Sip ‘n Say an exclusive to IBH Sister Sounds’ members.


This is a special time where members receive the sound of love: strategy for their business, encouragement, and personal support.


Everyone has experienced times where you have needed support and could not find it. IBH Sip ‘n Say is the place where the support you need exists. Want to join us? Stay tuned for notifications of upcoming sessions where you, as our special guest, will be able to experience the impact and imprint of IBH Sister Sounds

2nd. Thursday of the month 

IBH Sip-n-Say
Makeup Artist
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IBH Military Edition

Our First Philanthropic Project

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Coming Soon!

Image by Sankhadeep Barman


Sister Sounds


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1 International  Plaza Dr,

Suite 550

Philadelphia, PA